24 December 2007

long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

banjo + star wars theme song = hilarious

hum the song to yourself first before listening, it makes it easier to hear!

21 December 2007

leaving on a jet plane

My bags are packed and ready to go! Well not the clothes and presents and toiletry stuff, just the knitting. Behold the vacation knitting!

I am really obsessed with these pouches. Not only are they great for walking around the city and knitting but I think they will be great for keeping my various vacation projects separate.

What lurks behind door #1?

socks! A pair of socks that needs to be finished and a pair of knee socks that wants to be started.

Behind door #2?

Basket liners! These are for an impending wedding. This is like homework knitting, it has a deadline. Deadlines make me want to do anything but what is required for the deadline.

Something like what is behind door #3....

Afghan! My third attempt at this blanket, I'm hopeful for this iteration. The yarn is so cozy and has a very wool-y smell and for some reason I am obsessed with knitting it on wooden straight needles. It just seems to fit the farm-y feel of the wool and project. Really this project was my answer to "what do I knit on an airplane when the socks and basket liners are both on teeny metal needles that look more dangerous than they are?" This project is so grandmother-y, how can anyone take my needles away from this?

Who knows how much of this I will actually accomplish or what I will feel drawn to once I am in Tennessee....stay tuned for the results (and pictures of the ridiculous amount of christmas knitting I have accomplished but cannot post for fear that people will see it)!