24 March 2008

spring fashion show

I really, really, really love clothes.  I like especially new clothes.  They are always more exciting.  I also like finding clothes in the back of my closet that I haven't worn in a long time.  They are kind of like new clothes since I forgot about them.  I marvel how I can go on vacation for 3 weeks with 9 articles of clothing but somehow feel that is not enough clothing for my everyday life.  

This love of clothes can be expensive.  That on top of my love of knitting and sewing makes it even more so.  Kitchens are also expensive and we really need a new one (the dishwasher and table are dying and replacing those starts a dangerous domino effect of remodeling).  My solution?  Make my clothes myself.  Not only am I a big fan of the clothes since the style and fabric are perfect, it has the added benefit of slowing down my consumeristic desires since it takes 8-50 hours to actually make something.  Since finishing my sewing closet and being on break again I have been so inspired to sew and knit of late.  Maybe it is the turn in the weather.

Without further ado, my new spring wardrobe:
A knit top made of cotton and angora (warm and cool at the same time!).  I like the lace stripe.  It was the most expensive part of everything I've made but still 36.00 for a top is the same if not cheaper than buying it in the store (and it is custom fit).

Pants!  The first time I have ever made trouser like pants with a fly.  I love them.  I am so excited that they fit well because now I never ever have to go pants shopping again.  I want to make a pair that are jeans (though for that I have to learn pockets) and a pair that are capri pants.  $15.00 for perfectly fitting pants is way cheaper than, well, any pants.

A halter top made from an old sheet someone gave me..  It needs some more layers for work but will be soooo great in the hot summer.  Free is also cheaper than buying things.  Well 10.00 including the pattern and zipper.  Still cheap.

A tunic-y dress.  I found this fabric at the fabric store for 5.00.  It made a great dress to wear over leggings and also to wear over pants.  I'm not the biggest fan of the way the elastic makes the neck gather, maybe I'll fix it.   Unfortunately the fabric was cheap because it is polyester and has some major static problems.  I need to buy some static guard.

Now I am obsessed.  I want to sew everything, (not just because I have 4 new pieces of clothing for 65 dollars and a really beautiful great sewing closet, though both of those things help).    I wonder if I could make enough stuff that I could only wear homemade stuff for a week?