28 June 2007

one of these things is not like the other.....

Sock Number Two

You may be thinking to yourself, that sock looks different, so solid, so... You are right. When I got to the toe I had more than enough yarn to finish, which left me with a dillemma. Do I....

A) Knit the second sock like the first sock, with a different colored toe? Even though I don't like it as much as a solid sock?
Advantages--Save time, be done faster, get on with the day, knit something different, cozy feet now.
Disadvantages--First socks that I will look at forever and say, "they could have been better."

B) Finish this sock with the regular yarn and make it more beautiful. Have to rip out the toe on the other sock and reknit.
Advantages--Beautiful socks forever that I love.
Disadvantages--Ripping out the toe is a little scary and involves cutting into knitting, time, time, time.

Being a bit of a perfectionist, guess what I chose?

The carnage. Uneventful quick carnage, however, so that half an hour later I had.....

Pretty honeymoon socks (a bit belated)! I really love these socks. They are very grown up. Very deserving of being honeymoon socks since you have to be old to have a honeymoon (well you don't but maybe should be).

And as an extra bonus.....

Now I can knit the bird some socks. Or the classroom guinea pigs. Or....I really have no idea what to do with this leftover yarn. I'm absolutely shocked how much I have left. And irritated because there isn't enough to really make anything else, but I am incapable of throwing it away. One day I will find a use. Maybe it loves Ipods and wants to keep them scratch free.

Now that I am done with socks I am officially Leaving The House. Something I haven't done for two days because I have been waiting for the stupid passports to come. Now the lovely State Department tells us that, though we should have had them on Wednesday, they are still being processed in New Hampshire. Oh and why don't we make an appointment at the local passport center to speed things up a bit? Luckily, I already did this two weeks ago because it is a two week wait to get an appointment.

Why on earth would you tell everyone they need a damn passport to fly out of the country and then be surprised when there is a record increase in passport applications?

(Gris-Gris says, "how ya doing?")

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paige said...

Change your names to Mohammed and Fatma Aziz and see how long it takes to process your passports. Hannah got hers just before the big 'slowdown.'

The socks are loverly! They look very soft and cozy.