22 February 2008

a perfect vacation day

So, I really really really love vacation.  But some vacations are better than others. As are some vacation days.  Today was perfect.

Perfect thing #1  We woke up to snow.  Surprising lovely snow. Here is what it looked like.  Except it was morning so it wasn't dark.

Perfect thing #2--Inspired by the snow, we decided to go buy a toboggan and go tobogganing or whatever adjective describes hurtling your body down a slick hill on a circular piece of plastic.  We ended up buying not one but 3 toboggans as they were a "caterpillar" set so, theoretically you can link them together for 3 times the fun.  They were supposed to be 15.00 which seemed like a good deal for 3 toboggans but then they were 8 dollars which seems like a steal.  Especially since they are fairly sturdy ones that seem like they will last a while.  The "caterpillar" action does not work for grownups but we still had a great deal of fun hurtling ourselves down hills.  We got very, very wet and are happy to have a bathroom big enough for all our wet things:

Perfect thing #3--I organized the mountain of craft crap and installed it in the sewing closet.  Then I put it to the true test, actually using the sewing machine:

Look!  Contrary to popular opinions girls CAN use glue and screws and saws and make things that don't collapse.  Amazing.  I found strawberry printed fabric at work and took two strawberries to sew together into a pincushion.  It is very cute.  Particularly in my ultra handy girly sewing closet.

(see the shelves below?  one is for buttons and knitted swatches, another for stuffing, small scraps of fabric, and crafty things like googly eyes, and the bottom is for making dolls--something I did years ago but can't get rid of the supplies) Luckily our bed will have drawers to hold the 4 cubic feet of fabric that no longer fits in the sewing closet.  I can't even explain how happy this closet makes me.  It is something about the pink and the fake fur and the sewing machine all interacting to create ecstatic joy.

Perfect thing #4--Eating a delicious dinner and playing chess in our newly arranged kitchen.  We are getting ready to re-do the kitchen and wanted to see what it would feel like to have an island/table in it.  So we moved the fridge and put the dining table in there:

Wow!  Suddenly it is like we got a whole extra room (and didn't even have to pay 100,000 dollars for it!) I seriously have spent the last 3 days sitting in the kitchen.  I think today is the first day I went into the living room for any amount of time.  I cook James sits and talks to me, James does the dishes, I talk to him.  The table is also perfect for getting out leftovers, making drinks, playing with the birdy, and on and on and on.  

Two more days left of vacation.  Lets hope the universe doesn't decide to balance out today by making lots of crappy things happening (you never know dad, the hardware dude might still be right--watch out for crying phone calls.............)

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loraine said...

Interesting closet. Wonder how you'll keep the faux fir wall clean but it looks cool.

Really neat idea to put your table in the kitchen to test for an island. I'll be telling people about that idea.

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