05 February 2008

swirly bereanie pattern

It's a beret, it's a beanie, its fabulous! Actually it probably is mostly like a beret except that the berets I'm obsessed with are big and slouchy and this one is not.  It fits close to the head like a beanie but the opening fits around your head more like a slouchy beret.

2 skeins of Noro Kureyon in different colorways but that share some shades. I used 199 and 165
size 5 needles (dpns or 16” circular)
size 6 needles (16” circular and DPNs)

Gauge: 5 stitches to the inch using size 6 needles in stockinette

CO 80 stitches in color A using smaller needles (size 5), I used tubular cast on method that I learned from Ysolda Teague's Gretel pattern (a really great pattern-I highly recommend it!). She has a great tutorial here.

Join to work in the round being careful not to twist stitches (if using tubular cast on you will work 3 rows first and will need to sew up the join at the end)

Knit 1x1 ribbing for 1.25 inch or until color starts to change dramatically (my brim is 1 inch because the color started to shift from blue/green to purple and I wanted the brim to be all one contrasting color)

Next row:  Using larger needles *K2 M1* all the way around. There should be 120 stitches

Join B and work a row of stockinette.
(when you join the next color you need to decide how you want the colors to shift.  Start with a part of the yarn that is a very different color for more obvious stripes (though there will probably be areas that are more subtle) or start with a part that is similar for a more subtle shift.  For example, if I had started with the other end of the skein for color B the colors would have lined up more closely throughout the entire hat.

Drop B to the back and pick up A, work one row of stockinette
Drop A to the back and pick up B, work one row of stockinette

Repeat these two rows until hat is 5” from beginning (for berenie) for a slouchier or roomier hat add one or two inches. The decreases will create a flat-ish top and will not add any length.


*K18 K2tog pm* repeat all the way around
Decrease in this pattern all the way around, Knitting to 2 stitches before a marker, k2 together, slip marker for 14 rows still alternating colors. On the 15th decrease row break color A and use only color B continuing to decrease as above until 6 stitches remain.

Thread yarn through 5 stitches but keep the 6th stitch live. K into the front, back, front, back, front of this stitch—you should have 5 stitches on the needle. Purl 1 row, Knit 1 row, Purl 1 row, Knit 1 row, Purl 1 row. Knit all five together.

Break yarn and pull through the last stitch. sew this end into the top of the hat to make a small loop on the top of the hat.

Sew up the brim if you used a tubular cast on

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RiverCitySTL said...

Adorable hat! Thanks for sharing the pattern!