02 September 2007

impediments to blogging

I seem to be encountering several impediments to updating my blog of late. A few for your enjoyment:

1. Employment. I forgot what a time suck work is. Somehow I have managed to spend 12 hours a day for the past week and a half setting up my room. It is beautiful and all ready for Wednesday. However, it does not leave me with much time to do anything else.

2. Christmas socks--I am knitting socks as a present and they are going to kill me. I think they plot while I am asleep. I tried starting them in Ghana but I had brought the wrong needles (despite the time sent knitting 2 swatches before leaving so I could determine what the right needle size would be). Upon returning I tried a slightly smaller size. Still too big. So I went smaller. Now they are the right size but then the pattern went on strike and decided not to line up properly so that I had to rip them back twice. The frustration encountered during all of this occupied a great deal of real estate in my brain so that there was not much space for blogging.

3. Camera--The digital camera we have at school is awful. It takes blurry pictures of block buildings and thus takes extremely crappy pictures of moving chidlren. So I take my camera to school. It is now a perfect school camera as it is being largely held together by a rubber band. It still takes good pictures. Unfortunately I have major issues remembering to bring all the necessary items to and from school (lunch, waterbottle, random supplies, and now--camera). Thus, everytime I think about a really great picture that inspires me to write something on the blog I realize my camera is at school. James' digital camera is pre-millenial (this one that is) and thus is larger than most video cameras now (to give you an idea, it takes pictures on disks--which means the disks fit inside the camera) and is also incompatible with my computer. I could use his computer but the camera also makes me angry because it takes yucky pictures inside at night.

whew. Soon I will get it together and have camera, time, and subject matter all in one place. Coming up: pictures of classroom, socks, and more.


Anonymous said...

And more Ghana pictures?! I especially need ones of the crocodiles in Paga. And anything else that you took to share with us. When you have time, of course (except I'm doing my slide show next Tuesday and I need to get anything unique added in before then). I realize this doesn't necessarily relate to knitting, but I've got to take advantage of the opportunities as they present themselves.

Have a great beginning for school; I'll enjoy hearing all about it as well. I love all your knitting projects.


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