29 August 2007

good things coming to an end.....

#1 Good Thing--summer. sigh. Over the past week I have found myself being quickly sucked back into the vortex that is small plastic toys aka work. I am also remembering that I LIKE work except that every August feels like I'm sisyphus and have to get that damn rock back on top of the hill so I can roll it down again. Except I have 1 week to get it up there and 9 months to roll it down. I forgot about 12 hour days...........................

#2 Good Thing--Mystery Stole. Knowing that once school started I would never ever pick it up again I have been racing to finish. Since the last section consisted of progressively longer rows that form a pointed wing on one side it has been getting more and more hellish to work on. By the time I finished I was clocking about 20 minutes for EACH row. This is very Disheartening when you realize you have but 10 rows to go but that it will take you a good 4 hours of knitting to get there. This is it right after it came off the needles.

And while it was blocking. It is very long non?

This is how I like to stylishly festoon it. Very fetching I think.

This is what it would look like if I pretended to be a bird and swoop around (it is a good think it has a wing knitted on to it, it will make such endevors more convincing)

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paige said...

That has got to be the most gorgeous mystery stole I have ever seen. I applaud your efforts. My grandmother is very impressed with your knitting prowess and was charmed by the idea of knitting something without knowing what it will look like.

Much like my dad is a musician who does not read music, my grandma is a knitter that does not use patterns. She looks at a picture and then just knits it.

Good luck on your first day of school. I'm thinking about going back to teaching english...am I crazy?