09 July 2007

the all-encompassing mystery stole 3

I think this shawl is going to be Epic. As in an Epic undertaking, an Epic pain in the ass, an Epic obsession, and an Epic achievement.

Here is how I know:

Clue #1--I signed up to do it at midnight the day before I had an 8:00 class which I would have to leave early to dash off to a wedding two hours away. I really should have been sleeping.

Clue #2--Rather than sleep, I began thinking about what yarn I would use. I found some online, but it would have taken 10 days to deliver so I cancelled the order. Then I pulled out yarn I found at a thrift store and spent some time googleing to find out if it would be enough. It wasn't. So I went to bed disappointed and dreamed about mystery stoles all night.

Clue #3--The instant I got home from the wedding I ran to the yarn store. They closed in 60 minutes and it was at least a 45 minute trip on the subway. I was going to go to a different yarn store but they were not open. After a quick survey of all my options I decided that Downtown Yarns was the only store open that was close enough to get to before they closed.

Clue #4--I stayed up till midnight swatching. I dreamt about yarn overs.

Clue #5--The next day I got home and was suddenly seized with a deep desire to do the bead option on the stole. I ran to the Pratt store to see if they might have beads. They did. Upon getting back home again I realized I needed the tiniest crochet hook in the entire universe. I ran to the Pratt store again. They did not have one. Instead I decided that I must be able to fashion a tiny crochet hook out of a Serger needle threader. It worked.

Clue #6--By midnight I had this:

The first half of the first clue (to the mystery stole) finished. Look at the pretty lace. It is very, very, very, very soft. Look at the pretty beads, they are a little stone colored and a little purpley. They sparkle a little in the sun. I dreamt about them.

Do you see how I am smitten?

Clue #7--At noon today I came home and started knitting and by 4PM had this--

Clue one, aka the first part of the stole, finished. Now I am totally in love. I think it loves me back. Despite the fact that every other time I have knitted lace I have had to rip out everything 10 times or had the pattern get all woppy-jawed, none of this has happened yet. I say yet because, well, fate is not kind to people who make definitive statements.

The third part comes out on Friday, I better slow down or I will be forced to begin working on other projects (socks...?)

1 comment:

paige said...

Wow, that is quite a gorgeous mystery stole. I am jealous. Do you think it will cheat on you with me? Is it that kind of stole?

PS I think you made the right decision on the bead option. Beads do not always make something better, but in this case they are a very nice touch.