22 July 2007

headed for africa

The past few days has been a frenzy of preparation for our trip to africa. A few weeks ago we obtained most of the things we needed like passports, visas, luggage, money, etc. So I was feeling like I was ready to go. Then I realized there was a lot of finsihing up of things and fixing of clothes that I wanted to take. The house descended into a messy hell while I altered tunics to keep the sun off of my vampire skin and finished up crafts in projects. I think we are emerging.........

Clue #3 finished on the mystery stole:

I wanted to have Clue #4 done before I left since Clue #5 and Clue #6 will come out before we get back. BUT Clue #4 is long (it is a two week clue to give everyone a chance to read the Harry Potter book) and is just not going to happen. I have 4 rows of it done so far.

Pulpita the octopus:

Wow, she is awesome. I can't wait to watch my students put her on their heads since that is pretty much what I want to do whenever I look at her.

All that is left is, oh right, the packing. We've been accumulating all the stuff we need in a pile in the bedroom so now we have to tame it:

It might be a long day...............................

When I get back I will post photos of my adventures!


Paige said...

Pulpita? Really? That kinda sounds like an infection I don't want to have. I still want to put her on my head, though.

That stole is really gorgeous!!! I can't wait to see the finished product.

Elizabeth said...

Ooo! The Ring Cycle AND Africa in the same month? How awesome. I hope you're having a great trip!

I just got back from an interview I was really nervous about, and left with not one but two internships lined up. I also got a contact for help with my thesis, and the librarian agreed that when it's done I can turn it into a book. Happy, happy day!