12 July 2007


I might be sick. I can't quite tell. When I wake up in the morning I FEEL sick but then well......I don't really DO anything all day but knit, so its sort of hard to tell.

Usually when I feel like this in the morning I go to work and spend the day being profoundly irritated and extra exhauseted by 4 and 5 year olds. Then I know I might be sick. Apparently I'm lost without the irritating kid gauge.

Since I feel fine for most of the day I suppose it doesn't really matter BUT it does make me wonder three things:

a) All of those times I feel sort of sick and get irritated and exhausted by kids, am I really sick? Or is a slight "under the weather" feeling exacerbated by a high energy job?

b)Can I get sick in the summer? I generally assume that I only get sick becuse I am around germy children. So, feeling a little sick in the summertime throws me off. How do you get sick if you only leave your house once a day? What germs are you really encountering?

c)If I'm NOT sick what is giving me icky headaches at night and sore throat ickies in the morning, is it the evil air conditioning fairies? And why do they go away after I eat breakfast (No, it is NOT caffeine addiction. I have--mostly--stopped the coffee. Summer is for detoxing so you don't have to feel guilty all year long when you drink shameful amounts of coffee)

The good thing about sickness is that you can still knit (well, ummm except for when you have a 103 degree fever, then you can knit a stitch and then lay for 20 minutes shivering under your warm knitting). Anyway, I officially finished Part 2 of the Mystery Stole:

....and I only love it more. Things were a little rocky there for a while, we were not on speaking terms when it decided to mysteriously add and lose stitches. And the time that it decided to totally mess up the pattern for the previous 10 rows even though I had been knitting the right number of stitches in the right order, that was almost unforgivable. But we worked though the hard times and now.......sigh............it is the lovelist thing I have ever knit. See the beads? See how they go in a little diamond pattern? OK well you can't in this picture but they do. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

Crap. I just looked at the picture and noticed a glaring mistake. One that Can Not Be Fixed. I guess that makes it easy to decide what to do about it. Maybe I can fix it in the blocking.

Back to my original story....the bad thing about sickness is health insurance and money and nasty corporate america. James and I just went to see the movie Sicko. Despite the fact that it was a Michael Moore movie and had the requisite shady jumps of logic and subtle twisting of information it still makes me pray that we never get really sick ever in our whole lives. Because we will be pretty much screwed. We're moving to Canada.

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paige said...

I love the mystery stole!!! I think I see your mistake, but it took several seconds of close examination to find it, if that makes you feel any better. I love how the beads make the edge looked scalloped. You couldn't tell in the earlier pictures.

I bet you feel sick cause of the air conditioning. It dries the air out and makes your throat dry when you sleep. It goes away when you get up cause you swallow (did you know you don't swallow your spit at night? That's the best way to tell if someone is fake-sleeping, see if they are swallowing). Dries out your sinuses, too which gives you a headache.

Have you heard of baby legs? They are like pants without the tops, but for babies. That way you can put them in just a onesie, but their little legs are covered. I want to knit some for Nora, but I can't find a pattern. I try to search but all I can find are baby pants. Since you are so hip on the knitting scene, I thought you might have seen a pattern for them somewhere...