04 July 2007

one tentacle, two tentacle, three tentacle, four...

....five tentacle, six tentacle, seven tentacle, MORE?

I am a little sick of knitting tentacles.

Here is a little list of Good Places to Knit Tentacles.

On the way to and from a friend's wedding feeling a little sad that there was not more traffic so that there would be more knitting time.--1 tentacle

In the movie theater while watching "Symbiopsychotaxiplasm Take One" (and apparantly annoying the pants off of someone sitting two seats away. So annoying that during the Director's Q & A he says, "well, throughout the whole movie there was someone in the theater who was doing something that I found extremely irritating and I kept think to myself, 'do I say something or not?' I ultimately decided NOT to say anything because I realized that this what your whole movie is about, irritation and the things in the world that intrude on what you yourself are doing." I love that he managed to make a passive aggressive statement about the annoyance and do it in a way that makes him think he looks soooo smart. Except I think he really looked more like a pretentious ass. For what it is worth, James says that octopus knitting is not in fact distracting while watching a movie, even when you are sitting right by it)--1 tentacle

Sitting in the Ghanaian embassy for 2.5 hours waiting to get a visa and finding out at the last minute that, though the website says you can, you cannot download visa forms and fill them out. You must use the Form. There was not much knitting time as we scrambled to fill out the Form before 3:00 (it was 2:50) when they stop accepting Visa applications.--1 tentacle

On the subway to and from my new class, "Play as a Tool of Early Intervention" with Lesley Koplow. And during breaks. I refrained from actually knitting in class, though I was tempted.--.5 tentacles.

Only 2.5 more to go. Perhaps "knitting while at a 4th of July party and watching fireworks?" Hmmm. Maybe not.


Faith! said...

I went through a crocheted octopus phase, and by the last few, they were hectopuses. Or hectopi, I'm not sure. Keep it up!

paige said...

How dare you sit quietly and work with yarn during a movie. I mean, how could you not know that the sound of wool rubbing against itself and the soft muffled click of bamboo (or whatever your fancy needles are surely made of) would irritate someone two seats away.

Or perhaps you were muttering the pattern to yourself as you knit* (I do that) or cursing under your breath at the tentacles because they were not coming out the way you wanted them to. I could see how those actions might be irritating during a movie.

For what it's worth, I think he sounds like a pretentious ass.

*knit or knitted? Stupid english and all it's rules...