16 August 2007

Avast Yee........(now with Crazy Pictures!)

Apparently we are practicing for international talk like a pirate day (Sept 19th) here.

While drinking some grog at the yacht club and conteplating the glorious (though shipwrecked on a desert island) pirate ship cake one of our friends happened to ask if we had seen Jolly Ship the Whiz Bang.

I don't believe I was involved in that conversation but as soon as I heard that I rudely broke off the conversation I WAS having and said, "what?"

"Jollyship the Whiz Bang--its a puppet pirate rock opera"

"A WHAT!?!"

Yes, a Puppet Pirate Rock Opera. Oh but not just that at all. On a boat. That cruises around New York harbor. As soon as we got home we looked it up and found that the Good Ship Jolly Roger Puppet Pirate Rock Opera would set sail the following Wednesday. So we bought tickets.

Here is a description:

"Jollyship the Whizbang is a pirate puppet rock opera that walks the plank between a theater show and a rock concert. The music is electro-punk with nautical influences (think pillaging and plundering); the off-color dialogue comes from the mouths of sinister puppets."

They would be playing with I Love You Airlines--a description:

"I Love You Airlines is PT Barnum's most opium-inspired kaleidoscopic carousel, replete with 2000 chartreuse bells and sapphire whistles, 13 sousaphone blowing cheetahs and 1 accordion playing Ganesh...it's 3001 brass pipes bubbling and belching the symphony a caffeine-fueled Phil Spector composed on the Mighty Wurlitzer that appeared in last night's dream dreamt by Dali, dictated by Roald Dahl: the sonically-glimmering soundtrack to a Post-modern filth fantasia starring Dawn Davenport sashaying through the ghetto of the East Village dripping head to toe in diamond-studded Chanel, shot in glorious Technicolor by John Waters and projected on a huge screen suspended high above Cinderella's Castle in Walt Disney World on a balmy, 72 degree night in late November....the southwesterly breeze carrying fuchsia flamingo feathers down to the Gulf of Mexico...and beyond....."

How could we not go?

Here James is (looking perfectly pirately in his bearded state) pretending to be a Bilge Rat.

The boat was like a floating nightclub, super tiny, a few tables, a dancefloor. Except it went by a few minor sights:

(love the crazy pictures--crazy pictures are for people who insist on taking pictures in the dark)

Ahoy, look thar is the brooklyn bridge!

Arrr, behold the Statue o' Liberty, shiver me timbers! Apparently young hip new yorkers be equally besieged by its landmark status, note the crowds o' people snappin' pictures.

Aye, the lo'ely sights o' the skyscrapers o' lower manhattan.

We spent a great deal of time below deck guzzling some tonic water, knitting, enjoying the view, and the traveling rock show. I Love You Airlines was amazing, I'm defintely going to see them again.

As for the Jolly Ship Whizbang? It was a good gimmick, an enjoyable evening and how can you beat a puppet pirate rock opera on a boat that goes by the statue of liberty? Without the Statue of Liberty and boat part though I can't say I would have loved them, though I wholeheartedly support their cause.

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