19 August 2007

Who Knew?

Before I met James there were many things that I had decided were unquestionably Boring.

1. 60s films (I know this is decidedly un hip of me but they are slow, quiet, and hence boring)

2. Opera (too much singing ridiculousness--Really, for how long can you sing about how much you love someone or how you are just about to do something? Apparently half an hour or more)

3. Playing Musical Instuments (I had a bad experience playing violin for a mystifying 11 years)

4. Sports, with the occasional exception of live basketball games (I would rather tear my hair out than watch them on TV, listen about them, or even think about them)

In the past 3 years I have discovered

1. I really really really really love French 60s film. It is the best. Sometimes I fall asleep but it is worth it for the ye ye girls and cute parrots.

2. Mozart's operas are like Shakespeare but with music. Opera is also like going to a concert but with pretty things to look at so I don't fall asleep. Some operas are still dumb but when you go to one of the best operas in the world they are still pretty to look at and thus you can ignore the dumb parts.

3. I love the banjo. Who knew? Had you told my teenage country music hating self (it was almost obligitory living in Nashvegas) this I would have thought you were crazy. But its true I do. One day I will stop knitting enough to actually learn how to play more than 3 songs.

But I thought sports were off limits. No way was I going to enjoy them. So when James wanted to go to a baseball game at Yankee Stadium before they rip it down I groaned. I agreed because I felt one should go to Yankee Stadium before they rip it down.

When we got there it was pouring and wet and gross and we thought the game would be cancelled. But then it stopped and they started doing this:

It is really cool how they prepare the field--drawing the lines, raking the dirt, etc. I was charmed.

Then they started playing and I started knitting. I quickly learned that baseball might be my new favorite sport. You get to sit outside at night in the summer (with the added bonus of the almost complete lack of mosquitos in NYC), you get to knit, people bring you food and beer for ridiculously inflated prices (8.00 for a Coors Light, really?), and there is fairly constant entertainment. A few entertaining things

1. They tell you the speed of the pitches, I think the fastest was 100 mph.

2. Drunk Sports Fans. They are fascinating in a car wreck sort of way, I can't believe they exist, they sort of make me shudder, but wow are they entertaining. (This perverse joy may harken back to UT fan watching enjoyment of my youth)

3. A dancing mustard container.

And did I mention how much knitting I got done?

It ended up being a lot of fun. The rabid testosterone and rampant patriotism was a bit hard for me to handle so I don't think I will become a fanatic, but I think one baseball game a year would be a good thing. This decision is of course in no way influenced by the invention of Stitch n' Pitch which also happens to be one game a year (well actually games across the country, there is just one in NY) where a bunch of needley type people sit together at a baseball game..................The Yankees don't do Stitch n' Pitch, just the Mets.

I may be a Mets fan.

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