03 August 2007

Safari birthday

My 30th birthday was at Mole National Park, a game preserve. If you ever have a chance to have a birthday in Northern Ghana I highly recommend it here. The animals are all wild and there are only people in a tiny fraction of the preserve. Basically the animals do what they want and the people work around them. Thus being woken up by baboons jumping on our roof. There are antelope, baboon, elephants, egrets, crocodile, lions (in theory), and tons of pretty birds. But really there are two main reasons why the game preserve was great:

Reason #1

Baboons. They are awesome. They stole some ladies bra and underwear she hung out to dry.

Reason #2

Elephants. They are huge.

Happy Birthday to ME!

1 comment:

paige said...

I know it's just the perspective talking, but you make that elephant look small.